Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

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FNAF is back... but not in the way you may be thinking. Oh, we are getting a new game alright. Scott has started teasing FNAF AR and it made me realize something. We've been fooled! I was trying to slot in FNAF VR into the timeline as we knew it but, in fact, this is a brand new timeline - the REAL timeline! You see, everything before FNAF VR has been a TRICK! Scott has been lying to us the whole time!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
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Anti Serenity
Anti Serenity преди година
Scott: *moves a finger* Matpat: write that down.
Trabis преди 2 дни
Or viceversa in the theories
old sport
old sport преди 2 дни
Lol so true
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover преди 2 дни
knuds verden
knuds verden преди 3 дни
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee t
Jonny the Lemon
Jonny the Lemon преди 4 дни
It's a clue
Immersed преди 9 минути
People think 3 mins for an intro is long Matpat:7 mins intro Oh oh ok
Devlen Lounsbury
Devlen Lounsbury преди 4 часа
JustTobz преди 8 часа
Excuse me, fellow commenters. What does Old Man Consequences do in UCN? Like, does he have a jumpscare, does he change the game in any way, or is he just a score freebie? I would like to know. Oh nvm, I think Mat explains it lol.
Nina Kopittke
Nina Kopittke преди 9 часа
hay Mattpat do you know in the intro of Fnaf world that they say "Everything that happens out there, has an effect here. Do you Understand?" and then you do the ester egg in UCN and you get the thingy in fnaf world. Well I think the game was trying to explain that, btw I absolutely love you're theory's well just waned to lend you my point of view thank you.
bron8130 bron8130
bron8130 bron8130 преди 11 часа
I have written stories and mage games and, trust me you don't throw that much storyline and characters out the window so, I have a theory (it also explains the reason why the lore is so damn complicated ) the fazbear entertainment company thinks Scott is just covering everything up but he's not he is still trying to tell us the truth in a... complicated way William, Henery those are real characters sure quite a bit if it was fabricated cause if you want a company to belive your helping you can't just make a game like, once there was a man named William Afton who killed kids and then possessed an animatronic suit no he was careful about how he wrote it carefully that they wouldn't find out ... ya that's my theory I have a much bigger theory about all this but Ummm I'm just gonna do this
zEmmq преди 12 часа
Purple Freddy
TitanLand Studios
TitanLand Studios преди 15 часа
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez преди ден
Was balloon girl a different characters than dd, balloon girl is real, I had fnaf 2 demo and full version and I see balloon girl under the security guard desk
Flimsywrist преди ден
I tested his "little trick". He's not lying. It works.
Joseph Spoto
Joseph Spoto преди ден
The spirit that possesses foxy is Sonic
PeeWee315 Studios
PeeWee315 Studios преди ден
funtime chica is a good distraction
Alif Thaqif
Alif Thaqif преди 2 дни
all i think is the 7 original fnaf games were not a lie but fnaf vr is basically fnaf from a different universe
D1nosowers преди 2 дни
yeah, the lore of fnaf is complicated, but you won't get tired of my voice will you?
Caroline Parsons
Caroline Parsons преди 2 дни
Personally, I consider there to be multiple timelines. With the ‘OG’ timeline being FNaF 1-UCN and the Fazbear frights The ‘Book’ timeline being the trilogy of books And the ‘New’ timeline being 1-Security Breach and FF
Noah Eiszler
Noah Eiszler преди 2 дни
5:13 goodbye sleep
Ethan Meszler
Ethan Meszler преди 2 дни
To be honest I'm not surprised he hasn't gotten anything last year, nothing new in 2020 so I hope theirs something in this brand new year yet i could accept that he's finally done with this stuff, yet thats what we thought in FNAF 3 sooo :D
Achillis Marangos
Achillis Marangos преди 2 дни
Wait one you get the beat=game4 thing have anyone tried to beat the fourth game immediately after
Achillis Marangos
Achillis Marangos преди 2 дни
That was the longest intro ever lol
Cyonix Gaming
Cyonix Gaming преди 2 дни
What if golden freddy is golden to represent the suit that William wore to kill her? And that the spirit that is in golden freddy is related to the spirit in the normal freddy?
Aennell преди 2 дни
Also, I saw a fnaf world character when I was trying to get that Easter egg confirming the beginning of that theory but I’m not sure if anyone else saw it lol
Preston Beavers
Preston Beavers преди 2 дни
exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters exotic butters
Accelerator Amane
Accelerator Amane преди 2 дни
I can´t stop thinking in DDLC and SAO: Alicization with all of this sentient codes, VR and cross to the real world
Dunja Leban
Dunja Leban преди 2 дни
why is he yelling Mike while he suffers?
Kate Lister
Kate Lister преди 3 дни
please alt-4 this game - OATH
That Ben 10 Fan
That Ben 10 Fan преди 3 дни
That was a pretty long beginning
HMDA 11 преди 3 дни
Golden freddy is the son of the puppet before they were animatronics and mike is the purple guys real name
Albino Alien
Albino Alien преди 2 дни
@HMDA 11 Ok believe whatever you want from a fanmade song
HMDA 11 преди 2 дни
@Albino Alien look the living tonbstone has his theory to and i agree with his theory , and none can cheange that
Albino Alien
Albino Alien преди 2 дни
@HMDA 11 Dude stop That song is literally fanmade and nothing there ever happened in the games and the puppet is already confirmed to be possessed by a kid
HMDA 11 преди 2 дни
@Albino Alien oh and the purple guy looks like he is holdeing a phone in a cutsceene and in sister location spoiler alart he says that his name is mike on the board and in the final sceene of sister location we see purple eyes, looks simaler?
HMDA 11 преди 2 дни
@Albino Alien listen there is alot of theorys and that is mine and go to the living tonbstone fnaf 2 musical the parent says that she will be the puppet and she says that her son died by the purple guy and we see his soul get traped inside golden freddy
SirLikesToYeet преди 3 дни
I want the 57th fnaf game to literally be a full verision of freddy in space. Scott's never gonna stop I mean.
Steel Viko - Haunts
Steel Viko - Haunts преди 3 дни
He opened the game, and I was like "What's he tryna prove with this?" Then he showed the trophy and I had my friggin mind blown!
nelly munoz
nelly munoz преди 3 дни
5:10 to 5:20
mariafsanchez преди 3 дни
7:22 Mat: and that's our theory me: This was the intro? 7 MIN IN
Its Foxy And Friends
Its Foxy And Friends преди 3 дни
Best fnaf
Trixie Villaruel
Trixie Villaruel преди 4 дни
My favorite character in fnaf is Circus Baby cause she is kinda scary and also she is elizabeth afton
Fionnlagh McDonald
Fionnlagh McDonald преди 4 дни
I'm guessing the world's are connected via the lake like a portal go in and leave through the other
The Adventures of GizKid
The Adventures of GizKid преди 4 дни
70+ FREDDY plush freddy from irl
Francisco Castro
Francisco Castro преди 4 дни
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk why am watching fnaf if i nvered liked it
David Hernandez
David Hernandez преди 4 дни
9:59 🤨🤨🤨 guys I think he lost his sanity again
KingFishyy преди 4 дни
Ah yes a 7 minute intro
Bakos преди 4 дни
Man really made me wait a whole 7:18 for the start of the video
Tabetha Alaniz
Tabetha Alaniz преди 4 дни
I think Scott was telling the truth and tape girl chagned. her vioce a bit and she is vanny
꧁CrinqTeddy꧂ преди 4 дни
My fav animatronic is toy bon idk why
Rainbow Rayne
Rainbow Rayne преди 4 дни
While rewatching this I realized that in, what I think, is Step Closer it has a seemingly holographic Ballora effecting the real word while she is dancing.
game falor
game falor преди 5 дни
6:06 are you sure they are not body bags are you sure that is not william afton with 2 bodys
Jess преди 5 дни
i took it to mean that the first couple of games all are real but fazbear entertainment made those real events into games to make people think that those events never happened. but since they are real, william afton’s soul is fused into the harddrive where the new game developers plug it into their system and thats when william becomes glitchtrap.
Scoot преди 5 дни
I like nightmare fredbear c damnit 5 seconds is up
Mxme Team
Mxme Team преди 5 дни
Your scary sometimes.......
*-diamond_river-* преди 5 дни
18:53 man 11 numbers away from 69
FireFilms преди 5 дни
I cant believe this is happening. We spent so. uch time trying to find the lore of something that was a distraction from the real thing
Raymond Cond
Raymond Cond преди 5 дни
Me: starts to make mods Matpat:LORE?
Raymond Cond
Raymond Cond преди 5 дни
Random guy with a pc
Random guy with a pc преди 5 дни
damn just realised it took 7 mins to start the video xD
Vali_BG преди 5 дни
Who's to say the games we play are an accurate representation of what happened. After all if you say something from a video game is real, you would not be taken seriously. Imagine if I say McDonald's sandwiches were made of human meat, because it was in a game.
Michael Kanalen
Michael Kanalen преди 5 дни
Old man consequences: rest ur soul and let William Afton die Golden Freddy: ok bommer
Judahbran преди 5 дни
Top 3 things that never end 1: matpat’s theories 2: william’s life 3: number of golden Freddy suit souls
SkatSketch '
SkatSketch ' преди 5 дни
Me after watching 7 minutes of the theory: Th- That was just the start?!?! Well... This is getting interesting. Me when I finished it: Perfect, Worth the time, AS ALWAYS.
jack saunders
jack saunders преди 2 часа
Until you watch the next theory where scot isn’t in the game
MIKEY _ MIKE123 преди 6 дни
It took him 7+ minutes to tell us what the vids about
Dani van Wijngaarden
Dani van Wijngaarden преди 6 дни
withered golden freddy
Sean Genette
Sean Genette преди 6 дни
ya know... if this theory is true... then theoretically, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza could actually exist in real life. We wouldn't know about it because Scott has been paid off by Fazbear Entertainment to hide the company from the real world (FYI, I'm typing this at 1:30 AM, so if this seems crazy, that's probably why)
Akiya Santos
Akiya Santos преди 6 дни
Me 9 year old in dumb as heck game theory:poopets in space me:i wanna become a space man so i can see the poopets
Akiya Santos
Akiya Santos преди 6 дни
Me 9 year old in dumb as heck well game theory your my teacher my teacher says video games make you dumb but not game theory!(♡0♡)
ダーリン преди 6 дни
After the "they" cross into the real world scott is definetly making real animatronics to back up them "crossing" into the real world
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost преди 6 дни
I’m going back to all these videos for nostalgia and in retrospect, the endgame lore aka filing everything and anything in these games into a final conclusion aren’t really what make these videos so entertaining at least for me. It is simply going through the process of trying to come to any sort of conclusion, which changes video to video, each one ending with something different to chew on.
Tpb_ KingOfCrakOn
Tpb_ KingOfCrakOn преди 6 дни
SmallAlexzaba преди 6 дни
your theorys kinda scare me ngl tho
Matthew Russeau
Matthew Russeau преди 6 дни
Did he really just spend 7 minutes talking before even doing the actual video
Zombyprincess преди 6 дни
IveryEvening преди 6 дни
So the thing about the kids. Okay so we have two kids and a parent but it seems that the kids are twins because they look the exact same so we could find out maybe who these kids are, and maybe who the parent is, if we see a pair of twins ever in the franchise. I don't think there are any twins at all but maybe there will be in the future. Just in case you haven't noticed and you think it might help. UnU
The random foxes -gacha-
The random foxes -gacha- преди 6 дни
this reminds me of that super hot vr
Raymond Dominguez
Raymond Dominguez преди 6 дни
He has nice wallpaper on his computer
Gabriel El Ashkar
Gabriel El Ashkar преди 6 дни
Brk this is longest intro
nico 2010
nico 2010 преди 6 дни
Man that was a long intro
Johann Charles TV
Johann Charles TV преди 7 дни
Jeez! A 7 minute 18 second intro?!
Maddie Johannes
Maddie Johannes преди 7 дни
Ok hear me out again! I have a theory again. So what if everything we know about fnaf is a dream? Or just someone’s memory or seeings of the future? Cough cough psychic friend Fredbear.... Anyways, I have a few... suspects? Suspects of who all of this could be a dream or memory or seeing of the future of. William Afton before he was springlocked the second time, the crying child, fredbear, Henry Emily, Cassidy, the other kids in golden freddy, or old man consequences. I’m leaning more towards it being fredbear or old man consequence because of the fact it could be fredbear showing the crying child the future because we know he can do that right? That’s him showing all of what could happen if this one thing he does goes down. If its cold man consequence then that means it could be him with Cassidy and the two other kids inside of golden Freddy. I say this because he is trying to get two of the kids to let Williams soul go to H*ll -sorry about the * I’m just worried this may get taken down from BGcd because of the cursing. So he’s showing the kids everything William has been through and that he has had enough but not really enough and absolutely has had enough torture on Earth and now needs his torture in the underworld. He is also showing Afton to show the damage he’s done, built of course he wouldn’t care at all of what he’s done. So if this is the case it would be a memory. Now, for Afton if it wasn’t with old man consequence and the kids, it would be him in a very deep comma in the hospital and his brain creating this dream of what he did could be causing or could’ve caused. So he is in the hospital after he gets springlocked once. He survives as it said in the book. His brain would be creating all of this to try and keep him doing something. It may be making other “commands” around the body but still the brain needs something to do in its head. Again if that’s not the case, then if it’s Henry it would be him going through everything. He was everywhere wasn’t he? In the books it said that sometimes he would be in the fredbear springlocked suit but I’m not saying he’s the one who bit the crying child but he might have been there doing something like being the day guard. It might have been just him, Afton, and a few more staff members but what if he played as co-owner but also a day guard and he was watching all of this through the cameras? His soul lingered around the other places with old man consequence because old man consequence seems to know what’s going on pretty well so he might be with old man consequence being allowed to leave him and go back to Earth, saying that consequence might be in some other place that is not Earth but he is everywhere sometimes a soul sometimes living. Henry did kill himself but where does a soul go? He died but then we hear him speak in a game. So what happened to him? He might have died and then his soul lingers around. If souls can leave a body and go into some other entity or object then they have to be able to not be in anything at all right? So I believe that’s what he is doing. He is everywhere and witnessing all of this watching over his family making sure they are safe like an angle sent to protect. This is kind of a hard to explain yet weak theory so I’m sorry if you don’t like this one. My next person is the crying child. He’s really just the same thing for Afton except the only thing he is dreaming of in the coma he could be in is all the nightmares he defends himself from. For the rest of the games and books those are the other souls that have been cursed by their fate and come to the crying child for help instead of just leaving Earth or going to old man consequence for help because they want to tell their story to fredbear and not be forgotten. In one of your videos you said that Afton had to be burned to completely to die but even that didn’t kill him. That’s only because of the vengeful spirit. So think of what it would take to kill fredbear? Probably could just rip his head of though and be done with it b it where’s the fun in that? Now I have one more I’d like to add. It’s the life of one person and it’s flashings before their eyes and we are seeing it. It’s Charlie. I didn’t say her in my suspects because I forgot about her sorry. I say its Charlie because she is really everywhere. She is the sister of the crying child so she was their. She could be in the crying child’s mind if he is in a coma having nightmares because he have theorized it to be possible for souls to go into peoples heads and then they see what they thing or dream. Right? She was also their in sister location as well... maybe.... She is Henrys daughter and Henry and Afton were friends so their kids would know each other right? Elizabeth’s is inside of circus baby and yes she does go on an adventure with “decapitap”-ing a girl but she might have been their in her body. In circus baby’s body. If not that then that was just a separate story that happened but she was in the other games I’m pretty sure... in some way... I forgot I’m so sorry I have terrible memory although I still tell you EVERYTHING about fnaf. Can’t we all? But lots of fans have seen her as what I describe her in my own words for the other fans perspectives is the “mother” of the souls. She saved them as some people say, she brought the other 5 kids to their new bodies that we see them possess. She would have been their through the ft animatronics because if I remember correctly, regardless of my terrible memory, that the makers of the animatronics took the old ones apart to create either to toys or the ones a lot of people see as the originals, or the ft ones. If she is the mother than she would always be there for them. She was defiantly with the rockstars, but then what about the new game “Security Breach”? Well I think that like I’m said before, her soul could just be lingering around their not giving up just like the two kids in golden Freddy. She is in Fazbears fright we already know, but then everything else where she is not seen over has no clues of being there she could not have been there and those are just separate stories that are being told by some person we don’t know of yet. Scott is religious as we know and lets just say what I said is true. It could just be God telling the story. Or having the life of all of these peoples lives flashing before their eyes like the saying says. It could be God telling a story through Charlies eyes. These theorie3s I have I just wanted to say them and put them out there. I’m SO SO sorry if this is just a waste of your time or just an annoying comment I’m so sorry. If you read this thank you so much for reading this. If you use this in one of your videos which you don’t have to, no pressure, I give you permission to build off of my theory. I’m sorry if what I’m saying seems rude. Again, if you read this thank you. Sorry for making it so long.
Vanallieicecream преди 7 дни
I am at 7:24 I think that fnaf world is Purple guy having a good dream and he remembers the drowning in his dreams
JingleBerryBush преди 7 дни
ive been rewatching every fnaf theory by matpat and i'd just like to say that i think every event in the original story DID happen. but i definitley think that they are probably overexagerated a bit. tape girl says that the original games were made to conceal and make light of what happened, that proves that these things did happen but maybe some things werent true, maybe some things were a bit over or under exagerated. but i definitley do NOT think think that everything before this should immediatley be discredited.
Destroyer Kitten
Destroyer Kitten преди 7 дни
i think that scott putt FNAF as the 4 aduts that afton killed plz look at this and put in yo next vid im sirus
09CyberCub преди 7 дни
I don't thinks it's that the games that scott made were complete lies, because tape girl saying that it was a cover-up to make light of what happened I think that Scott's games were what actually happened (mostly) and made people who played those games think that it's all made up.
Seb Gamez
Seb Gamez преди 7 дни
I like nightmare from fnaf 4
l12savagel преди 8 дни
11:56 glitched 8-bit Fredbear😭😭🤣
ʙʀᴀxɪᴏɴ преди 8 дни
It's it's like FNAF Season 2 like I imagine
bhunay man
bhunay man преди 8 дни
im scar abuot the vr
Riptide 2
Riptide 2 преди 8 дни
Is mat spitting facts or is it a theory
The Middle Class Eliminator
The Middle Class Eliminator преди 8 дни
Five Nights at Freddy’s Go!
Juan Alvarado
Juan Alvarado преди 8 дни
mine emin
mine emin преди 8 дни
No one: Matpat:Yeah soo basicly im going to make a 7 min long part for this ester egg
zain ijaz
zain ijaz преди 8 дни
Nightmare foxy
Alisher Pulatov
Alisher Pulatov преди 8 дни
So either the things happening in fanfic is real or somehow Scott found out a way to turn video games to real life horror. Or I am thinking to much.
Jakey FNAF
Jakey FNAF преди 8 дни
I know nobody gonna see this comment. Which Tape girl told us that we was lied and it was cover up. Every Fnaf games was real and Fazbear Entertainment decided to cover up like Henry said he doesn’t want everything that happened to be remembered. So they can convince every Fnaf games were fake. So everything like missing children died, Afton family died was real in game. The reason because that old timeline is already gone because Henry burned everything. Fazbear Entertainment begin to make the new timeline of Fnaf.
Nickster преди 9 дни
This is not real
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan преди 9 дни
10:00 it's cursed as my brain
The Poltergeist
The Poltergeist преди 9 дни
imagine if the developers actually think of these easter eggs
Geo A
Geo A преди 9 дни
Mr hippo funni
Mark Walker
Mark Walker преди 9 дни
*We’re gonna try again!*
Watergoat преди 9 дни
My laptop started glitching and I thought it was part of the video
Carlo Rojas
Carlo Rojas преди 9 дни
Kaylin Ray
Kaylin Ray преди 9 дни
My theory is that Theorist is the real purple guy every murder is true all deaths all ghost everything up to gnat vr / ar and his glitch trap DUn Dun Dun!!!
Matthew Collier
Matthew Collier преди 9 дни
In fnaf world simulator, we find that animdude was pretending to be Scott Cawthon. Look at this. 19:34-20:39.
Abram Coleman
Abram Coleman преди 9 дни
Why Scott why
TSP : The Super Phomi
TSP : The Super Phomi преди 10 дни
Scott: makes a game. Matpat: new game theory
Katelyna zChanz
Katelyna zChanz преди 10 дни
U got your intro literally after 7 mins of the video ;-;
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